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The Sword is a 2D action game for one player reminiscent of the Gameboy era.

You play as a Beggar who is led through the forest by a mysterious voice and arrives at the base of an old tower. The voice speaks of the tower being trapped in a nightmare and commands that you enter its perilous halls and slay the 1,000 beasts that infest it.

Gameplay is straightforward and focuses on engaging beasts in swiftly-executed combat, navigating hazardous areas of various effects called Terrain, and doing both in tandem in an "obstacle course" style of ever-increasing difficulty. Another focus is on the acquisition of magical Orbs that grant new abilities, and the collection of equipment from difficult yet optional Lairs which makes the slaying of beasts and navigation of Terrain easier. 

The player's progress is saved at the beginning of every new floor, and the use of gamepads is supported.


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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Diggin "The Sword" my dude. Just signed up for itch.io after seeing your game on my Instagram feed so I'm not super sure how this works. I've had similar ideas for a game I've been wanting to develop, but I'm just now getting into programming. If you're into it I'd love to exchange e-mails and pick your brain for a bit  =]


Interesting game! Reminds me of NES/Game Boy era games and the concept is straightforward. It's also challenging for me xD


Thank you for the feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I watched your let's play and your points of critique were pretty spot-on. You also happen to play it better than a majority of people I've seen attempt it, so that's good. Lol. Again, thanks for taking the time to feature it on your LP and reach out, it's a major boost for a new developer like me.

No problem :)