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Diggin "The Sword" my dude. Just signed up for after seeing your game on my Instagram feed so I'm not super sure how this works. I've had similar ideas for a game I've been wanting to develop, but I'm just now getting into programming. If you're into it I'd love to exchange e-mails and pick your brain for a bit  =]


Interesting game! Reminds me of NES/Game Boy era games and the concept is straightforward. It's also challenging for me xD


Thank you for the feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I watched your let's play and your points of critique were pretty spot-on. You also happen to play it better than a majority of people I've seen attempt it, so that's good. Lol. Again, thanks for taking the time to feature it on your LP and reach out, it's a major boost for a new developer like me.

No problem :)