Fixes and Changes to The Sword #1

Thanks to some feedback and a little time away, I've made a few small changes to The Sword to deliver a better player experience.

1. An opening text informs players that data is saved automatically at the start of every stage.

2. A scroll has been added to teach players how to access the Pause Menu, where you can view your inventory, restart the current level, or quit the game.

3. Some enemies and obstacles have been moved or removed to fix things that were outright unfair.

4. A sound effect has been added for the water terrain, now giving you feedback as to when you're actually moving on it.

5. A second campfire has been added to the second landing between stages nine and ten.

Due to time constraints, I can't implement all of the fixes and changes I'd like to make to this game all at once, but hopefully this will give me time to garner more feedback and form a more informed opinion based on player experiences.

I CANNOT stress enough how much (constructive) feedback means to me. If you've been awesome enough to download my game and spend time playing it, give me a little insight into your thoughts and feelings regarding the experience.Thanks for reading,

Nick Antonopoulos

P.S. The Sword is now totally free, so go ahead and download this new file to replace the old one!


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May 11, 2017

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